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Flame Arrester

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A flame arrester (also spelled arrestor), deflagration arrester,or flame trap is a device that stops fuel combustion by extinguishing the flame.

Flame arresters are used:

  • to stop the spread of an open fire
  • to limit the spread of an explosive event that has occurred
  • to protect potentially explosive mixtures from igniting
  • to confine fire within an enclosed, controlled, or regulated location
  • to stop the propagation of a flame traveling at sub-sonic velocities

They are commonly used on:

  • fuel storage tank vents
  • fuel gas pipelines
  • safety storage cabinets for paint, aerosol cans, and other flammable mixtures
  • the exhaust system of internal combustion engines
  • the air intake of marine inboard engines
  • Davy lamps in coal mining
  • overproof rum and other flammable liquors
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