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As a leader Company in supplying requirements of oil projects and is known as a Dedicated supplier of Tube Supports in IRAN .

Tube Supports are industrial pieces that are used for fastening the tube ( steel tubes , copper tubes , chrome-bearing tubes , ... ) .

The tube supports are used in refineries , petrochemicals and power plants and laboratories , engine rooms and nuclear industries.

The fluid flowing through the tubes including instrument air for control valves , steam output of the boiler , nitrogen or oxygen . ....

Tube supports are used in 3 connection types : Welded type , Bolted type and Stack bolt type.

We supply tube supports are formed of following components :

1- Cover plate : Stainless steel 304 , 316 or s.t 37 .

2- Body : The body material depending on the temperature of the fluid passing through the support can be polypropylene (PP), polyamide (PA), asbestos (ABS), ....

3- welded plate : this part of Tube clamp is used in welded type supports only and can be Stainless steel 304 , 316 or  s.t 37 .

4- Bolts : Steel A70, A80 .

5- The size of the tube supports from 1/4" (6mm) to 2" (50mm) and single- hole and two holes .

6- Production capacity: 60,000 pcs per month and tube supports 720,000 per year.

7- Availability: There are 150,000 pieces of welded /bolted/Stack bolted clamps. (29 APRIL 2016)

8- Capability to meet the specific needs of the employer by changing the size and type of connection or using long screws and special connections ... are available.

we supply  :Swagelok , Parker , Gs-hydro , ...
Our Prices are very competitive.....

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