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Double Block and Bleed Valves

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The Double Block and Bleed Valve or a DBBV can perform the tasks of 3 separate Valves (2 separate isolations and 1 drain Valve) which apart from being hugely space saving can also save on weight and time due to installation and maintenance practices requiring much less work and the operator being able to locate and operate all 3 Valves in one location.

Double block and bleed Valves operate on the principle that isolation can be achieved from both the upstream and downstream process flow / pressures.
This is achieved by two ball, gate, globe, needle, etc. Valves placed back to back, with a third "isolatable" Valve in the centre cavity.
Once isolation has been achieved in one or more of the main process isolation Valves, the cavity that is created between these isolations can be drained. This is useful for flow diverting, sampling or injection situations, and for maintenance and or integrity check situations where seat leakage can be monitored through the third "bleed" Valve.

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