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Cryogenic valves

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Cryogenic valves are characterized by extra-long stems that enable manual operation without freezing of the valve handle. Cryogenic valves are also characterized by the material selection. Carbon Steel is highly brittle at cryogenic temperatures, therefore stainless steel grade 316 or 316L is generally preferred as it retains its yield strength to low temperatures.

Common tests performed on Cryogenic valves include the following Operation of the valve (open / close) at various pressures and temperatures. Cryogenic valve test includes following a cool down procedure before performing a seat test for internal leakage, and a shell test for external leakage.

During the production and liquefaction of gasses (LNG, Nitrogen, Oxygen…etc.) extremely low temperatures are encountered (down to as low as -425°F/ -253.9ºC). These low temperatures present a number of problems with conventional valves used in normal refinery service. Normal carbon steel becomes highly brittle at such low temperatures, steel yield stresses greatly reduce, ice forms on the valve outside to name just a few issues encountered. In order to overcome the issues encountered at cryogenic service, specially designed valves are used. These are referred to as Cryogenic valves.

Typically, the following types of Cryogenic valves are available: Cryogenic Butterfly Valves, Cryogenic Globe Valves, Cryogenic Ball Valves, Cryogenic Gate Valves, Cryogenic Check Valves.


European Standard:

  • BS EN 6364, Specification for valves for cryogenic service

American Petroleum Institute:

  • API 609, Butterfly Valves: Double-flanged, Lug-and Wafer-type
  • API 622, Type Testing Of Process Valve Packing For Fugitive Emissions API 622:
  • API 623, Steel Globe Valves—Flanged and Butt-welding Ends, Bolted Bonnets
  • API 624, Type Testing Of Rising Stem Valves Equipped With Graphite Packing For Fugitive Emissions

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