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Hydrant Monitors

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Portable Monitors

  • Large handle for carrying
  • Compact folding legs for easy storage
  • Used where associated hazards require a greater flow/effective reach of water or foam solution
  • Durable, light-weight aluminum, red enamel finish
  • Operates like handline nozzle while delivering up to 500 GPM
  • Ball shutoff with locking handle
  • Adjustable elevation from 30 to 60 (unmanned) and down to 20 (manned)
  • Carbide tip spikes on base provide long term wear resistance and ground stabilityrs can be carried around by one or two individuals. The important feature of these monitors is their light weight which allows the firefighter to set them up near the fire hazard zone and connected to the hydrants via fire hoses.


Fixed Monitors

Connected to ?re hydrant, ?re water line or ?re truck, ?xed monitor makes possible ?re operation from longer distance. Foam or water is used for different ?re situation. Lever makes easy and secure movement of left/right and up/down movement of monitor. Built-In Valve type monitor is available.

ave various applications in firefighting operations. They can be installed on the fire hydrants, on fire trucks or on firefighting rings.


Trailer Monotors

trailer mounted fire monitors are available in various executions in order to serve a wide range of mobile firefighting applications.


Special Remote Control Monitors

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